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Tammy reclaims a time where Darius held their daughter over a pot of hot boiling water, saying that he wishes he never had her.She also went on to say that he would spank their daughter repeatedly and sometimes strapping her arms during meals.The 20 year old suave singer proved to be one of today's R&B balladeers as he sang some of the great R&B classics such as "Sign My Name", "Tell Me Something Good", and "Woman's Got To Have It".In addition to his extraordinary vocal performance, Mc Crary surprised the crowd not only when he accompanies himself on piano, but the drums as well.During the early years of Family Matters, Edward—or Eddie, as he was commonly known—is a typical teenage boy, whose main interests were cars, girls; and pulling hijinks typical of boys his age.Throughout school, he was a mediocre student, earning only average grades (although once, Rodney changed his grades by hacking into the school's computer system as a practical joke).

She also accused him of hitting her in the head with his forearm.

This landed him in trouble with a pool shark named Boyd Higgins, a tough bookie named Bones, and the law.

In the latter instance, he tried to gamble with Steve at an illegal casino to pay for repairs to the family car, which he damaged while driving without a license because he was trying to impress Jolene.

Los Angeles-born teen Darius Mc Crary portrays the adorable but slightly insecure high school student Eddie Winslow on "Family Matters." Since the show's first season, the number of girls discovering this gorgeous new talent is growing by leaps and bounds.

No doubt you're curious to know more about one of America's newest heartthrobs.

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